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AI-Powered Nutrition Guide for Runners  


Become a part of our journey in pioneering AI in nutrition. Sign up for our beta and experience the future today!

Personalised nutrition based on activity levels

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our platform offers personalized nutrition advice, tailored to your unique fitness journey. Sync your fitness trackers, and let our AI analyze your activity, vitals, dietary habits, and goals to craft a nutrition plan that evolves with you.

How it works?

Connect your Strava account or other fitness apps to Digamin. We’ll securely import your workout data in real-time.

Our advanced AI analyzes your activity, taking into account your workout intensity, duration, and frequency.

Based on your activity data, receive tailored supplement and nutrition advice, optimized for your running performance and recovery.

AI-Powered Insights

Performance tracking

Experience the Future of Nutrition

The Digamin app offers convenient solutions designed for runners. It tracks activity levels and performance and provides nutrition recommendations that help you reach your potential.